Safety & comfort
for horse and rider

Passion for equestrian sports

A horse and its horseman become one through a very fascinating object: the saddle.

Our story

Quality saddles that have been developed by top saddlery designers in the industry. A group of professionals loving horses and equestrian sports. Fiber Thermo adjustable trees and real wool flocked panels guaranteeing comfort for the horse.

With durable soft, grippy double leather assisting the stability and performance of the rider. Available immediately from its base in Belgium, TECH1 is an exciting affordable new brand. For more information, send a mail to

In our range you will find ideal saddles in various sizes such as dressage, jumping, versatility and pony saddles.

You will be fully equipped for your next ride with our girths, stirrup leathers and maintenance products

Are you a passionate rider or passionate about equestrian sports? TECH 1 offers saddles and saddle accessories. Thanks to our love for horses and expertise in the field we know exactly what you need. Our expert team is always at your service with tailor-made advice helping you choose the right saddle.